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Supply and demand

in a perfect balance

The market of fresh vegetables is one of constant shortages and surpluses. VanBoven predicts the harvest of fresh produce to perfectly align supply and demand. The result is decreased food waste, a resilient value chain and fair prices.
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Get a grip on harvests

Growing fresh vegetables is a real art. It's a complex process in which growers dance with nature. The optimal time to harvest and resulting yield has always been difficult to predict. Untill now.

Small insecurities at the start travel through the value chain like a bullwhip, causing serious troubles down the road. Small estimation errors on the farm can lead to high costs for purchasers and retailers. 

When the production of vegetables rises unexpectedly, growers are left with a large stock of perishable product. Food waste can be prevented by temporarily increasing demand through collaboration in the value chain. VanBovens offers the exact window of opportunity to make such attunements possible.

Uncertainty leads to high costs

Food waste

How do we do this?


Forecasts on a field level

We collect a wide range of data on a regular basis with which we map the harvest on a field level. Think of drone data, weather data and planting schemes.


Mapping on a business level

We aggregate the results to an overview on business level. That's how growers know exactly how much can be harvested and sold in the near future.


The entire product category

The total supply within a product category can be made insightful in cooperation between growers and distributors through further aggregating of the data.


Supply and Demand


With these insights growers and distributors gain several weeks to anticipate on fluctuations in the production. Exactly enough time to find demand for all the supply.

For who?

We can help growers tracking the growth of their crops. With this you can determine the ideal moment and process of harvesting. We're specialised in broccoli, lettuce and various types of cabbages.

We support sourcing departments by delivering accurate harvest forecasts. We aim to deliver a solution that seamlessly fits in your existing workflow and operation.

For seed breeders, testing grounds, agricultural employment agencies and other service providers we do tailor-made projects. Do you require accurate measurements of plants, heads or technical expertise? Get in touch.


Growers of fresh vegetables

Distributors and processors

Agricultural service providers

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